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Baby Archer | Raleigh, NC Newborn Photographer

I normally don’t post many sneak peeks until the images are purchased, but baby Archer’s session happened a week later than planned due to a reschedule that was out of his parents hands. At 7 weeks old, he slept like a champ this morning!! Baby Archer’s mom knew that there was a large possibility that I would be unable to create my standard newborn style images due to his age, but Archer surprised us both by being super cooperative!! I am so thrilled with the images that I was able to capture for his family. I had gone into the session with the mindset that we were going to get all awake shots, so I was prepared for that. Archer had other plans though and decided he liked me enough to sleep through two blanket changes and a few knitted hats. I have to say, I really love the image where he is super alert and looking right at the camera. What a connection!!

Raleigh NC Newborn Baby Photographer

Raleigh NC Newborn Photographer