Baby Brennan, 20 Days New | Raleigh Durham Newborn Photographer

Babies at any age can be a challenge.  Typically babies over 12 days old do not sleep or pose as well, but I ALWAYS recommend still coming in for a newborn session up to 4 weeks of age (maybe even up to 6 weeks depending on your little one’s temperament).  Even if baby doesn’t sleep or does not want to curl into my signature newborn style of posing, we can get some beautiful timeless images for you to enjoy!  I tell my clients with “older” babies that the expectation will be wrapped shots, open eyed shots and lots of parent interaction shots.  Luckily with Brennan’s session we got ALL of that and then some!!  Brennan even decided to crack a few sweet smiles for the camera.  He slept for us for a few minutes at a time and I was able to capture him in my classic posing style. As you can tell looking at this set of images that his parents selected, there were periods of alertness and periods of sleep.  Completely normal for a baby this age. :)  I told mom that my clients actually really LOVE the images with eye contact and when she saw them she said “oh, now I see what you mean!!  I love those!”.  Brennan was also getting over a hefty cold when he came to the studio, so we had additional obstacles to overcome during his session.  With plenty of cuddles, nursing and sleepy baby vibes, Brennan posed beautifully for his baby portraits.  I can’t wait to see the canvas stair wall gallery that his momma has planned!!

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