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Here are some of the images selected from Baby Brynn’s newborn session!   I showed both a color and a black and white version of one of the images to show the difference.  I almost forgot how much I love black and white images of newborns (especially when framed!!) but I get lost in all the gorgeous blanket and prop colors that I tend to forget!! ;)  These are my top ten favorite purchased images from her session.  Every image ordered gets a low-resolution resized and watermarked file for online sharing just like you see here.  I try to make my watermark smaller while still protecting the image.

Brynn’s mommy had a really hard time narrowing her images down.  We covered a lot that day with different blankets, props, outfits, posing and then went outdoors for some family and sibling shots adding to the variety of images we got.  I had a hard time myself narrowing down the best images to present in her gallery.  There ending up being well over 50 images.  This sometimes happens when I get babies that settle very easily and most of the time is spent shooting instead of soothing or trying to get a little one to sleep and pose for me.

Congratulations again to Brynn’s family!  I know these images will be treasured for years to come.  I recently read a blog post on the value on getting professional photographs of your children done and I almost cried reading it.  If we think about the things that we value and invest our money in (televisions, gadgets, furniture and other luxuries), photographs of your children are the one thing you can’t DO OVER.  If you miss the moment, it’s gone forever.  If you invest in photography to capture your children, those photographs can last forever.  Most of the things I listed above will need to be replaced within 5-15 years time…but the photographs on your walls can be preserved for lifetimes.  Which do you value more?

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