Baby Eric – 11 Days New | Cary Newborn Photographer

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Eric and his family!!  Little Eric was such a great poser!  He finally fell into a deep sleep after this first shot but it didn’t take long for him to get into the rhythm of things.  He woke up periodically during the session but always fell right back to sleep with a little soothing without needing to be picked up.  What a dream!!  I have been shopping for weeks for some new boy hats and I just adored getting to finally use them this morning.  After the third pose, I literally just didn’t want to move him…he looked sooo adorable and comfy!!  I can’t wait to show his parents the rest of their images!  They pre-purchased their entire gallery, so I will be posting many in the near future! ;)

I ended up editing two more images this evening!  Here they are!


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