Baby Felicity | Durham NC Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Felicity this morning in the studio!!  Baby Felicity was born 5 weeks early but hasn’t reached her EDD just quite yet so she was a stellar sleeper today!  What a gorgeous head of hair on that sweet little girl!  It’s amazing the individual personalities of each baby I meet.  Felicity just loved posing for me today and did such a great job.  She made a few “peeps” here and there and was a little upset to get back in the car seat to go home (who could blame her, I’m awesome! haha), but other than that she slept almost the entire time.  Before I did newborn photography I used to think that every baby looked the same…how wrong was I?  Each newborn I’ve photographed is instantly recognizable to me.  Their features are so soft and delicate and unique!  I’m sure Felicity looks much different than she did 4 weeks ago and in 2 weeks I can guarantee she will look like such a different baby.  That’s why I love what I do (besides getting to cuddle babies).  It’s a lot of hard work but SO worth it to give my clients images to remember their baby in their newborn stage.  Preserving these memories are so important and I adore capturing babies when they are this fresh and new.

Durham Newborn PhotographerDurham Newborn Photographer

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