Baby Hannah | Raleigh Newborn Baby Photography

Quick post this morning to update and post some more images from Hannah’s newborn session a few weeks ago!  I just love this basket shot!!  Normally the focus of my newborn sessions is mainly on the baby, but I like to sneak in a few family and sibling photos at the end.  Even if mom is hesitant about being photographed post baby (I know you’re exhausted!), I insist that they take at least a few quick images.  Mom and baby shots are my favorite “family” newborn photos!!  The images I capture are just priceless and so special.  Hannah was especially excited to be photographed with her mommy. ;)  I also included another black and white comparison photo…I gave this mommy both versions but I’m definitely leaning towards the color (and so are most of my fans on my Facebook page!).  I got to snuggle Hannah this past week at 3 weeks old and she is SO different already!  I know her mom will be thrilled when she sees her gallery link in her inbox this morning. :)

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