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Your photographs are art!  They so deserve to be preserved in such an exquisite way as I am about to show you!  Last year I just about melted when I saw this brand new product from one of my favorite photographic product makers!!  I knew I had to add it to my exclusive offerings for my clients.  The Bamboo Art Box will literally take your breath away!

Because they are made from eco friendly and sustainable natural bamboo, each Bamboo Art Box is unique!  They are available in a 10×8″ size with 3 different lid designs – Acrylic, Image and Floating Image. Bamboo Art Boxes are also available in 2 depths – Shallow (10 matted prints) and Deep (20 matted prints). Each box includes a gorgeous ribbon so you can easily remove the mats. The box also features rustic gold colored hinges and a swing clasp to keep your box closed. These are the perfect presentation option for any portrait shoot – whether it be newborn, maternity or baby portraits!

Raleigh Newborn Photographer

You can customize your lid with a photographic print and wording.  You also have the option to have a clear acrylic lid, so that your matted images inside the box show through.

Raleigh Newborn Photographer

This gorgeous dark metal hinge is such an exquisite detail and gives the box its allure.  It easily swings open but stays latched shut to protect your images.

Raleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn Photographer

When choosing a custom cover, you have the option to design an inside cover as well.  My clients have chosen to preserve their baby’s birth stats inside the box – a perfect place to remember all of those details for generations to come!

Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Each box has a ribbon secured in the bottom so that you can easily pull the matted prints out for viewing.

Raleigh Newborn Photographer

One of my favorite details is the dove tail corners – it just shows the care that went into producing these gorgeous art boxes!

Raleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn PhotographerBamboo Art Box

This Bamboo Art Box come in two depths!  Shallow is on the left and Deep is on the right.  Because Bamboo is a natural and sustainable wood, no two boxes are alike!  The grain and color will vary slightly on each box.

Raleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn Photographer

We finally get to the inside of the box!!!  The outside is glorious, but the inside is where the magic is!  I will NEVER get enough of these beautiful matted prints.  It really adds that WOW factor.  After viewing these images HUNDREDS of times, I was speechless flipping through the mats.  The beauty of the photographs were somehow slightly different – elevated.  The presentation of a matted print is so clean and simple but really takes your images to the next level!

Raleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn Photographer

The mats are a double V-Groove edge which gives it that extra character and specialness!  Truly a classic timepiece to be handed down through your family!

Raleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn PhotographerRaleigh Newborn Photographer

I had an amazing time photographing the tiny details on this gorgeous piece of art.  The Bamboo Art Box is the perfect way to present your images in your home!  This is a stunning piece but also has loads of functionality!!  Sift through the images with family and friends and pass around your art work knowing that its protected by a thick mat that makes it even strikingly more beautiful.  Peruse through the images yourself time and time again to flood in those precious memories of your baby when they were at their smallest and most vulnerable state.  Bamboo Art Boxes also make a great presentation box for Maternity and Baby or Family sessions.  This can also be a private keepsake that you keep in your bedroom or something that you’ll want to share prominently in your living room.  Either way, the viewer is going to be beyond impressed with the construction and total feel of this presentation piece!  Perfect for reminiscing or sharing your favorite and most treasured photos.  What sort of heirloom pieces do you want to pass down to your children and their children and beyond?  What does your legacy look like?

Melissa Berg is a custom newborn, maternity and baby photographer located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She curates only the finest products from across the entire globe for her clients to display and archive their images with.  Interested in this bamboo art box?  Contact her today for your own session to create a beautiful timepiece for you and your family to treasure.


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