Beautiful Posed Newborn Portraits

Meet 16 day old baby Jackson!  He was such an easy baby at the beginning of the session but then decided half way through that he wanted to be awake and let us know it!  We breezed through the beginning poses and he was happy to be wrapped even when awake so I was able to complete his session no problem.  I did have mom come back the next day for a quick 30 minute mom and baby reshoot.  Jackson was all about comfort and nursing and would not pose with mom on our original session date.  There was NO WAY I was going to let him have the final word on that! ;)  When the two of them came back, Jackson was an angel and his mommy now will have those portraits she’s always wanted with her little boy.

Posed Newborn Photography Raleigh

Mom and newborn baby portrait

Sessions don’t always go perfectly! … but with my persistent calm patience, experience in working with newborn babies and my commitment to giving my clients the best images possible… I still always present my clients with beautiful galleries that are not even indicative of having a difficult session at all.  Truth is, even with all of the preparation in the world, babies are babies.  They are going to do what they want or react to something going on with them (tummy ache, gas, hunger, reflux, etc) without us having any control over it.  I’ve never had a baby “defeat” me yet but I want all of my clients and potential clients to know that I have many tricks up my sleeves, know how to soothe a baby (even “figure” a baby out – not all like the same things) and I know how to safely handle your baby as well.  I’ve only had to ever ask a few clients to come back to ensure that they were getting my true signature work…and all of those times it was worth it and the 2nd mini short session went well and I got what was needed to fill in any gap that was not captured at the original session.  In most of my experience with asking a client to come back, it almost always involved a sibling.  Therefore, I changed my policy of only photographing siblings on a separate day as a mini session add on in everyone’s best interest.  In Jackson’s case, he just needed a little break and a new day to snuggle up to his mama and sleep peacefully while doing it.  ;)

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