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Yesterday was a great day!  I received a very anticipated client order in the mail.  We both had been stalking the UPS tracking information and when I finally gave up, I get an email that this wondrous package is finally on my doorstep!  I carefully opened the box and pulled out 4 clean, classic and simple white luxury gift boxes.

Fine Art Albums for Newborn Images

The small thin one is for me. ;)  I recycled my old swatch pack for simple swatch cards that make it easier to select your premium cover options.  More on that later….I’m dying to show you this stunning newborn album that I wish every single one of my clients would invest in!!  (I know I will be when baby #2 comes along!…and I’ll probably re-do Dylan’s album as well!).

Raleigh Newborn Fine Art Album

These are the highest quality fine art hand made flush mount albums that my little paws have ever touched.  I started offering them back in 2011 and I am over due for a new sample album.  Plus, the album company no longer offers a 5×5 mini album (one of my samples) but has upgraded that option to a 6×6 grandparent mini album.  Good move on their part….it’s perfect!

We live in a “I want all the digital files” type of era in the world of professional custom photography.  Even the most discerning clients want those files.  I have always “gotten” that….because I am the same way and that is why I have a minimum base package that includes all of your newborn images with the option to upgrade to one or more of my hand selected premium products.. ;)  I believe, at the very least, my clients need to walk away with all of their digital files, a set of 25 birth announcements and a complete set of reference prints for color matching when printing at their own consumer lab.  I am also the same in that once I have those image files, I can tell you how hard it is to get the motivation to create your own products…and the choices are extremely limited at the hands of the consumer.  Yes, you can get quality prints and even canvases, but beyond that, your professional photographer has access to all of the high end sought after products that regular consumers are unable to buy on their own.

When you’re investing in custom newborn photography with me, not only are you getting amazing service and high quality images, but those timeless images of your brand new baby deserve to be professionally designed into an heirloom quality product.  That is where my Fine Art Albums come into play.  These albums will stay in your family forever…passed down from generation to generation and will be just as breathtaking in the future as they are today.

My personal baby album is one of those peel and stick three ring binder type of albums from the 80s.  The photos are forever melded onto the sticky surface and some are even damaged from trying to remove them.  I adore the photos – they took a snapshot in time of what life was like when I was born…what personal and professional photography was like (there are a few professional photos in there from what I’m guessing is a place like Sears).  Life, technology, style and quality have come a long way since the 80s.  Freeze these current moments in time and invest in a luxurious album that showcases your baby beautifully and will last a lifetime or more.  I don’t know what the future holds for photography as far as technology and style, but right now it’s simply stunning.

Fine Art Albums for Newborn Images

I have many beautiful classic full spread layouts to choose from to make your album simple and clean.  Album design can be done in person or online after your proofing appointment.  Two rounds of changes are included as a part of the design process.  I want your album to be perfect!  Your images are printed on archival quality Fuji crystal paper that is tightly micro-creased down the middle to perfection.

Fine Art Albums for Newborn ImagesFine Art Albums for Newborn Images

Thick lay-flat binding of your album pages protect your archival prints and make for easy page turning while enjoying your images.

Fine Art Albums for Newborn Images

The 6×6 mini album shown above, has the same hand made quality as your main 10×10 fine art album.  It is an exact replica, down to the high quality materials.  All albums are 10 full spreads or 20 pages/sides.  You can opt to add additional spreads at an additional charge (up to a maximum of 40 spreads) and you can also upgrade your main album to a 12×12 size.  The only difference in the mini album is if you choose a cameo cutout option (included and 13 choices available) on your large album, the mini albums are too small to allow for this feature.  Other than that and their smaller but stellar size, they are identical products that make amazing luxury grandparent gifts.  Mini albums are an optional add on and only available with the larger album (they are cut from the same fabric).  There is a maximum of 5 mini albums available for purchase when you choose the Fine Art Album Collection.

Fine Art Albums for Newborn Images

And now, probably my most favorite feature…the cover options.  It’s what makes these albums look and feel like royalty.  This particular client chose the Blue Smoke.  Besides my old swatch, I had never seen a full album of this beautiful linen cover option before.  It’s delicious…and it was a perfect option based on her session colors of grays, creams and soft blues.  This is what a Raleigh Fine Art Newborn Album was meant to be!

Fine Art Albums for Newborn Images

These beautiful Japanese Silk Fabrics and Natural Linens will add sophistication and style to your album.

Fine Art Albums for Newborn ImagesFine Art Albums for Newborn Images

If you would like to book a session with Melissa, please use the contact form in the main menu or the link below to inquire about availability and a complete pricing guide for all of our premium products.  For those looking for something still high end but a little more unique to display in their homes, Melissa highly recommends the highly coveted Art Box that our clients simply adore.

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