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If you’re looking for a Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer and sibling/family newborn photography, you’ve come to the right place!  This gallery is a perfect example of a newborn session that includes family and sibling photographs!  Jackson turned this sweet family into a family of five!!  I typically like to make my newborns the star of the show, but I know just how incredibly important it is to have those treasured images of the entire family and the adorable and unforgettable sibling shots!  When we have a lot going on with sibling and family photos, I have my clients bring just the baby on the newborn session day and then I invite them back a few days later for a quick 30 minute family/sibling mini add on to accommodate the best conditions for great family and sibling photos.  Let’s face it, toddlers sometimes aren’t the most cooperative while having their picture taken…especially when there is a new baby in the mix – they can be even more camera shy.  Through my experience, I’ve found it’s better to start fresh and give a few more days adjustment time for siblings to get used to the newest member of their family.  Lots of practice at home gently touching babies fingers and toes and working up to holding them in a safe way (depending on age of course!), lends for a better sibling photograph in the studio.

The older the siblings are, the better they tend to do following directions around a brand new baby.  The younger ones can be a bit challenging but I have my secret ways of always grabbing at least one shot – which depending on the sibling dynamic, that can be the ultimate goal of mom and dad! ;)  Typically though, I am able to grab a few different poses with siblings that are sure to be wall art in my clients homes!  You will not want to forego the sibling photographs!!

Jackson’s first session was very challenging but mom absolutely adores her gallery that I was able to capture!  Jackson had a pretty severe case of jaundice and also had a small procedure the day before his session, so photographing him that day was a slower process than normal.  If you know me, you know I love a challenge and figuring out every baby’s personality and disposition! :)  Every baby is so different, and sometimes they can just be having a bad day.  Jackson was definitely not having the best day! lol.  But even without being able to use a paci due to his procedure, I was able to comfort him enough for a bunch of great shots.  It definitely took me a little longer to achieve the poses but I will never push my babies past what they are able or willing to do for me.  This is such an important value to have has a newborn photographer.  I have the utmost unshakeable patience for my babies – I find that many of my clients comment on this at the session but it is just second nature to me.  Our gut reactions as parents is to be alarmed at the first sound of your baby’s cry…but I have rock solid confidence when handling my precious babes that I am trusted to care for.

My goal is to make sure babies are comfortable and sleeping peacefully.  During a typical session, babies rarely cry but for a few seconds (due to gas, tummy discomfort, being hungry or wet, or just hating being naked at first! lol).  Mom had already verbalized that she was so pleased with the way the session had gone considering his unique situation and loved the photos that she had seen me take… but the perfectionist in me knew that maybe in a few days Jackson would be feeling better and I could provide more variety for her.  So I asked her to come back an hour before the sibling session with just the baby so I could try for some more variety and retake some of the images that Jackson’s wasn’t quite fully able to relax in.  Turns out, he was still not quite feeling it at the beginning of that second session but eventually, he gave into being sweetly posed in a few props and was a complete rockstar for his sibling session.  I think my solid skills in patience and baby whispering coupled with my passion for providing the most beautiful images that I am capable of for my clients, keeps them coming back to me again and again.  I love nothing more than to create images that make people cry for joy…that’s what makes this job and passion of mine so fulfilling. :)  When looking for a Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer, I hope you consider my Raleigh studio!

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Looking for a Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer?  Look no further!!  Melissa Berg is the area’s most trusted newborn photographer.  Newborn photography isn’t just about hiring someone to snap a few photos of your precious bundle of joy.  You are entrusting your baby to be cared for and handled by someone who should be very experienced!  Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about your newborn session!

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