Jessica & Daniel | Raleigh NC Family & Pet Portrait Photographer

I was SO excited when Jessica & Daniel asked me to take their portraits before they moved to Indiana this summer.  They specifically wanted to take photos at NC State University where they both attended college.  I have to admit, as long as I’ve lived here (and my husband even graduated from State), I have never really been on campus.  I mean, I’ve driven by… maybe even through it a few times but I didn’t realize how pretty the campus actually was.

Jessica also wanted a shot at this tree since one of their engagement photos was taken at this spot.  After showing me the picture, I intentionally wanted to make it different AND romantic since these are the memories they will take with them as they travel to the midwest.

Perfect family portrait!!  Jessica & Daniel brought along their two dogs, Lola & Calvin.  What two little sweethearts!!

I just love working with animals.  It’s rewarding when you get them perfectly posed…but it wasn’t all that easy!  There is a fine line between getting a pet to look at you, and calling them to come running towards you!!  Calvin charged at me…(Lola not far behind once he took off) and then kept going….lol…all the way to another dog at the far end of the lawn (so maybe it wasn’t all me). ;)

Here’s Lola running back to Jess & I.  Once Daniel got them back, it took a good 10 minutes for the pair to have it out on the lawn since they were all riled up.  I’m not sure which pup it was, but one of them was snorting as they played…it was hysterical!

I must say, Jess came fully prepared for this shoot…and I was uber excited when she pulled out a can of red spray paint from her bag!  How sweet!

I had a BLAST working with these guys.  So sad you all are leaving at the end of the summer but I know this move will bring bigger and better things for you guys!  Good luck and I hope to see you before you leave!


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  • Jessica SpakeMay 7, 2011 - 5:13 pm

    The pictures are awesome and we had a great time! Oh, Calvin. He makes everything…interesting :)ReplyCancel