Kenzi & Presley Sneak Peeks | Raleigh Newborn Twin Photographer

Last month I set out a newborn casting call for twins and that led me to beautiful Kenzi & Presley!  The girls are absolutely adorable and when I met them at the Special Care Nursery a few weeks ago, I could not tell them apart (mama sure could though!).  Now I see their differences as I’m sure they have both changed in the last 4 weeks.  Presley has the darker hair and Kenzi is smaller.  What they have in common though was how much of a dream they were to work with this morning.  My good friend Heather from Heather Lauffer Photography assisted me today in posing these beauties.  I am so glad I had an extra set of hands to help out.  Heather was so great at helping me pose, soothe and spot these two little ones during our session.  I really don’t think I could have managed without her! :)  I would have gotten a lot less variety and definitely not have gotten the first pose you see below!  Now that took some skill!  (posing and post processing – since I only do this pose as a composite image).  Thank you Heather!

I will definitely be posting more images of the girls later on.  This newborn photographer needs a nap! ;)

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