Presley & Kenzi – Special Care Nursery Lifestyle Shoot | Durham Newborn Preemie Photographer

This morning I had the lovely opportunity to visit these sweet twin baby girls in the Special Care Nursery where they’ve been spending the last few weeks gaining weight and getting strong enough to go home.  I was elated to learn that they are scheduled to go home tomorrow and I will get to meet them again in a couple of weeks for their official newborn portrait session.  The girls had been delivered a little earlier than expected due to Cholestasis of pregnancy.  When I found out that they’d be spending some time in the Special Care Nursery, I offered to come by and grab a few quick lifestyle shots of them, so that their family would be able to remember the sweet individual fresh details of their baby girls.  I know in two weeks when I see them again, they will have changed a lot!

I had only planned to stay about 30 minutes, but I quickly became enthralled with the girls and their amazing personalities!  Presley is the feisty one…hehe…but she was all smiles after her hearing test this morning.  Kenzi is so so sweet and little!  She is so easy going.  Being in the SCN reminded me of why I got into nursing.  My dream was to be a neonatal nurse practitioner and I was surprised to find out that their nurse today had started out in Cardiac just like me.  Maybe one day my nursing journey will take me to a place like this.  While I love being in the Cardiac ICU, a girl could sure get used to this! ;)

There will be more lifestyle sneak peeks of Presley and Kenzi later.  I just wanted to post these for their mama (Kenzi sure takes after her with her easy going attitude!) who is working so hard juggling with her children and family being in two places at once.  She told me her schedule of rotating between seeing the girls and taking care of her toddler boy and hubby at home.  I am so thrilled for her that the girls should get to go home tomorrow…as long as there are no setbacks in the next 24 hours.  The girls seem to be thriving really well and I’ll be thinking of them tonight as their family prepares for their homecoming. <3

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