Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer – Sawyer Sneak Peek

As a Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer, I seriously have the best job in the world!!  Little Sawyer was a complete doll for his session!  At just 2 weeks old, he was still super tiny, snuggly and smiley!  Sawyer was a born early, so we photographed him at 1 week old with his older brother Wiley and mom and dad.  I find that doing family photos separate when their is a sibling involved is the best case scenario for everyone cooperating! ;)  Then I invited Sawyer and his mommy back to the studio a week later and he was just perfect!  His jaundice had subsided and he was still as sleepy as could be.  I keep the studio very warm for newborn sessions and it gets quite hot!!  So sometimes having multiple people in the studio can make it even warmer and then everyone is sweaty and tired for family photos at the end, especially toddlers and young children!  In the event a client travels from farther away, I have dad bring the older sibling at the end of the session for the family portion this way they are fresh and ready to go.  Newborn sessions can take up to 2 1/2 hours and while it can be a much needed break for mom and dad, I would never expect a small child to endure that and then be ready to be photographed!  Plus having a quiet and calm studio is essential for the newborn session to go smoothly.  I just love Sawyer’s sweet smile in this image!!  I knew it would be my sneak peek image for the family as soon as I took it!  His little hands are so adorable the way he cupped his face.  You can just tell how content he is all snuggled tight and warm.  I love the smooth texture of the wrap against the fluffy tufts of the flokati rug.  I have these rugs in multiple colors because they just photograph so beautifully!  I can’t wait to finish editing the rest of this session for Sawyer’s family!  So many beautiful images for them to adorn their walls and home with!

Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer


Are you looking for a Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer?  Well you’ve landed in the right place!!  Melissa is one of Raleigh’s highest quality newborn portrait artist who has a dedicated home studio where she conducts newborn, baby and maternity sessions.  She also is offering Fall Family Sessions this Fall!!  Make sure to reach out by clicking the Book A Session menu link!  Melissa would be happy to answer any of your questions about an upcoming session.


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