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About The Photographer – Melissa Berg | Raleigh Studio Photographer & Professional Newborn Baby Snuggler

Raleigh Studio Photographer

My name is Melissa and I am an experienced professional Raleigh studio photographer. My specialty is maternity and newborn baby photography.  I have extremely high standards when it comes to quality and details.  My goal is that each of my clients will be thrilled with their experience with me from the moment they visit my website, until the final product delivery.  The studio is ready and full of beautiful backdrops, adorable props and gorgeous maternity dresses for your personalized session.

I am a mother of two young boys, wife to an incredibly supportive husband and have lived in Raleigh, North Carolina since 2001.  I’m originally from Long Island, NY but I’ve completely lost that adorable accent. ;)  I love sweet coffee and dark chocolate…warm weather with a soft breeze and a good book in hand – preferably on a beach alone without my own children (hah! – but I’ll settle for the couch after the kids go to bed)…and I have a huge innate passion for capturing pregnancy and baby photos.  I love being able to allow people to reminisce their favorite memories through photographs because it makes people feel good about the life that they have cultivated and remember the joys that they felt when they need a pick me up.  Baby boy headed off to college or getting married??  Perfect time for a glass of wine and pulling out those beautiful pregnancy, newborn and baby photos to remember just how well you loved and prepared him for life as an adult, husband and father of his own.  Hopefully if I’m lucky, this will be me in about 15 years!  ;)  Please don’t take these moments for granted – if you never capture them, your visual memories years down the road could fade and alter those perfect tiny details that you’ll long to remember in minute detail.

I invite you to a personal photo shoot with me.  It will change the way you remember your baby in these fleeting moments.  I want to take the best photographs that you have ever seen of your baby and your family.  Our babies grow so fast.  One moment they can fit in the palms of our hands and the next they are off to college and starting their own family.  One day your children will look for photographs of you and themselves as a baby…what will they find?  Can you imagine if you had been photographed like this?  How much would you and your family treasure those timepieces?

My promise to you is to ensure you have these memories to keep forever.  Together, we will transform your photographs into newborn art to display in your home on your walls or on your coffee table as conversation pieces.  Picture these treasures eventually being stored in a keepsake box to pass down for generations to come.  What a special gift to be able to give to yourself as well – to remind you of the emotions you felt when you saw your baby for the first time.  This gift is priceless and I am especially honored to be able to give you beautiful portraits that will cherished by your family forever.