Sloan | Raleigh Outdoor Children’s Photographer

As many of you know, I mainly shoot studio.  Especially for newborns…it’s convenient and I have a ton of stuff in the studio at my disposal!  It’s also the consistency in just about everything.  The lighting, the temperature of the room, the workflow….I could go on.  I love my studio.  I do.  This fall is finally upon us and I have to say that I am starting to fall in love with outdoor maternity and children’s sessions.  My neighbor Nicole Faby (who is also a photographer) and I headed out to a super secret location near our homes (super super secret!!).  I have been dying to photograph here for like – forever.  I almost did at the beginning of the year but then they cut the grass for the summer (boo!!) but it’s BACK!  So we took our kiddos for an impromptu photo shoot just before sunset.  I brought a handful of props (headbands, a chair and a lavender pettiskirt – LOVE!) and Nicole brought the cute little bathtub and some bubbles (and her son who is not pictured caught every single last grasshopper he could find…dutifully showing us up close after he caught each one..hehe).

I was able to capture a few good ones of my son Dylan but Nicole was able to get a bunch of winner smiles out of him (you can check out her work on my personal Facebook page) that I can never seem to capture.  As soon as my face goes behind the camera, I am just not quick enough to catch him smiling (it’s the “where did mommy go?” syndrome…I hope he grows out of it soon! lol).  The dreaded “cheese” started working but now that doesn’t work anymore…hah!  It is sooo different when it’s not your kid…so much easier!!  I just love these images of Sloan…how adorable!!!

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