Zach Sneak Peeks | Raleigh North Carolina Newborn Photographer

Meet precious Zachary!  I am so in love with these sneak peeks!  The first image is super special to Zach’s family because we incorporated his daddy’s bonnet from when he was a baby.  Mom called me today and told me she cried when she saw the sneak peek on Facebook.  ::blush::  I love hearing about my clients reactions to their images…as long as it’s tears of joy that is! ;)  All joking aside, little Zach was a breeze during the first half of his session and then woke up with a vengeance about 3/4 of the way through before we got to the family and sibling shots (he was not giving up the paci and that was that!).  I want to blog about it because it’s important for my clients and all potential future clients to keep in mind that babies are unpredictable.  My goal as a photographer is to make sure that you get the quality portraits that you envisioned when you booked with me (consistent with my portfolio).  Bumps in the road happen and I have invited the family back to the studio on Friday to finish up the portraits we couldn’t get.  I am dedicated to my clients and while I can’t control everything during a session, I do try and prepare you as best I can to give us the best chance of a sleepy baby.  If I feel that you followed my guidelines and I have tried all my tricks and techniques and we STILL didn’t get what I consider a standard session, I will do everything I can to at least give us a second chance to make that happen.  Do I have enough for a full gallery of Zach’s newborn portraits?  Yes, absolutely!…but during our pre-session consultation online, mom stressed how important family photos were to them…and that – I could not deliver due to uncontrollable circumstances.  My clients are my first priority in my business and I want them to be thrilled with their experience and final products.  I bet you couldn’t tell by the images below that we had a tough time at all!! ;)

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